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Voice capture technology enabling better far field voice interfaces

Aaware & Avnet announce Aaware's AEV13-MZ voice development platform

Aaware at CES 2018

This was Aaware's coming out party and what a great place to do this, CES Las Vegas! We were featured in Avnet's booth right next to Kickstarter, lots of interest in voice interfaces and Aaware's voice development platform. 

Okay, How Do I Get One?

Avnet, the worlds largest electronics distributor, sells the Aaware Voice Capture Platform. Please click below and you'll be taken to their website where you can see more information on our product and can purchase from their online store.

About Us

The future is here...

We see limitless possibilities as we interface more and more with voice to machines.

Essential for communication...

Removing the noise then listening closely enables high quality voice to machine communication at a natural distance.

Acoustically Aware...

With technology fully aware of its acoustical surroundings, we find the speaker, and make far field voice interfaces more robust. 

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