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Custom Microphone Array

At Aaware, we custom fit a microphone array for your product configuration, then tune our voice capture algorithm for optimal performance. While our platform allows customers to experiment with different microphone array configurations, we understand that most products need a custom fit. We work with customers to create the best possible array configuration given the dimensions and performance of your product.

Custom PCB Design

With the microphone array design completed, customers can have Aaware take care of the PCB design too. We'll design to your specifications, ensuring the microphones are mounted correctly and function with the system. We'll work with the customer to optimize the audio system and the BOM costs.

Loudspeaker Array Design

In some applications, the audio system includes a microphone array and an array of loud speakers. It is in these applications that Aaware also offers design expertise ensuring sufficient mechanical isolation and decoupling between microphones and loud speakers in the audio system.

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