Embedded Voice Platform

Flexible Microphone Array

Product Shot

Aaware gives you 13 microphones out of the box, with exceptional performance. We also give you the flexibility to experiment with subsets of these microphones to determine the best fit for your product. Aaware also offers design services to create a custom microphone array design for your product.

Processing Power

Processing Power

The Aaware Embedded Voice Platform includes the compact but powerful miniZed processor board from Avnet featuring the Xilinx Zynq® 7010 programmable SoC.This includes peak DSP performance of 100 GMACs, dual ARM Cortex-A9 cores with clock speeds of up to 866 MHz, up to 1 GB of DDR, and WiFi/BT, Gigabit Ethernet, or USB for connectivity.

Speech Recognition Partners

Integrated Multi-wake Words

Critical to making a Voice UI integrate more easily into your product is pulling the entire voice flow together into a flexible and open prototyping platform. Aaware has partnered with key wake word and ASR/NLU providers and integrated their technology onto the Aaware Embedded Voice Platform.

Software Ready

Ubuntu Logo

The Aaware Embedded Voice Platform comes with a standard Ubuntu Linux software environment with familiar development tools and broadly available repositories. The platform is ready to use out of the box with a standard ALSA based audio interface, making it immediately software ready.

Voice Capture Overview and Demo

Here’s an overview of the Aaware sound capture technology and demo. At the heart of far field voice is robust sound capture that eliminates interfering noise and preserving speech with little to no distortion – allowing speech recognition to actually work.